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Shipped Cooled Semen

It is important for you to understand that while the "average" Female may ovulate on day 12 to 14, not all Females do so. A female may be different on each cycle. Counting days may mean nothing, as she could ovulate as early as day 4, or later than day 20. Is highly  recommended  to  do  the  progesterone blood  test to  determine  the precise time that ovulation is occurring, increasing the litter size and  determing the correct day  for    C-section for delivery puppies


Instructions for Shipped Semen

  1. Information we need to know:
    • When you will need the semen. We need to know the day prior so it can be shipped overnight for next day morning delivery.
    • Which stud you intend to use
    • The first day of your female's heat (if using a vet he can tell you what day the semen will need to be inseminated).
    • Contact name, shipping address, and phone of to whom the semen will be shipped
  2. Stud fee payment is required in advance plus shipping charges. shipping is $100.00 and up depends where it is going.  We accept PAYPAL or Cash  Tina Tenpenny @ [email protected]  863-608-0276
  3. The second  shipment for same female require shipping fees for FedEx Next Day.
  4.  I do add extender to enhance the longevity and the motility of the semen.
  5. Please call as early as possible, so the semen can be sent out without delay. We will need to know before 4:30 pm if you need semen for the next morning. NOTE: Before shipping semen everything must be paid in full to ensure no delay on shipment.

Preparing for Insemination

  • You may chose to inseminate the entire dose, or save half for insemination on the next day. Enough semen will be shipped for either case.
  • Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix.
  • If you chose to inseminate on two consecutive days, draw up half of the semen dose into the insemination syringe and store the remaining sample in the refrigerator overnight. (Divide the sample into two doses before warming. Do not warm the sample then re-cool it.)
  • Warm the semen sample to be inseminated in your hand or pocket for a few minutes.
  • Inseminate the female immediately.